SharePoint Branding
Morentao can use their in-house skills to tailor and brand any SharePoint intranet or application to a specific company identity thereby enhancing the graphical experience for the end user.

A well-designed and branded SharePoint intranet, extranet or application is easier to use and more efficient for your business.

Our own in-house team of creative specialists are highly experienced in the application of graphics and branding to information systems. We use our skills to tailor any SharePoint application to your company brand and identity to enhance the graphical experience for your users.

Whilst one of the key benefits of SharePoint is that users can create content and applications for themselves, we can work with you to ensure that your log and visual corporate identity are consistent and correctly applied.

We can work with your team to create design templates that users can adopt along with creating forms and SharePoint sites that we build as part of the application or system.